WICB Broadcasts

The West Indies offers a special challenge in the cricket as each island is a separate country and therefore every island hop requires two journeys through customs, often in the very early hours of the morning.


A chartered aircraft is necessary as the standard freight runs in the region never line up with when you wish to move the freight. The overnight transfer of this amount of equipment and getting it to the other end in one piece and ready for the crew to start the rig is a real test of patience,

Through the years we have facilitated games in Trinidad, Tobago, Guyana, Antigua, St Lucia and Barbados. We have covered the Regional 50 over competition, the T20 competition that was the forerunner of today’s CPL T20. We also provided the facilities for  the Women’s Tri Series with England and New Zealand  in Barbados during October 2013.


We continue to supply production services to the domestic 50 over series and look forward to this continuing for the foreseeable future.

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