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Glenville Health Films

I have been in this game a long time and very rarely have I worked with such a consummate professional, someone who really knows their subject areas, and understands that the process of making information films is not just turn up, stand where you are told and speak.

Today we had the pleasure of a shoot with Dr Marilyn Glenville from Glenville Health, a long hard but very rewarding day.

Anna Magee at PVM Content,  produced the films with her usual eye for detail and  depth of knowledge in all things health and well-being.  Anna Also wrote the scripts for the films in a consultative process with Dr Glenville. Kevin Magee directed the shoot, a task made infinitely easier with the ability of Dr Glenville and the stellar crew.

We were very pleased to be surrounded by a team of handpicked crew, with the ever patient Pete Wallington as DoP, Claire Portman on make up and the marvellous Andy Stanson as the production assistant.

All in all a great shoot day – even the lunch platters supplied by the new cafe on the corner – Britanica Cafe – were a hit, a mix of meats and fish  with plenty of salad to go around – and oddly for a shoot day, but not unexpected on this particular one, not a fizzy drink in sight. Our super healthy cast and crew all took to water as their preferred refreshment .

This selection of films deal with information on the most common women’s health questions, and how balancing your body’s need for nutrition and supplements can help you achieve the balance you need to have the healthiest outcome, and bring your body to its best health state. For many people these films will help decode how their body deals with the pressures and environment of today’s world.

Kevin has taken the footage to PVM Content’s edit suite and very shortly we should be posting about where you can see the resulting films.


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