Digital Newsrooms

How do you get your message out to the people who aren’t at your event?

How do you show them what is going on in bite sized, targeted, concise pieces?

PVM Content can supply you with a full Digital Newsroom solution. Make your exhibition or trade show stand out from your competitors by engaging us to get your message out there. Who is exhibiting at your show, what is their big announcement, how big is that record braking crowd you are experiencing on your opening day?

We have a wealth of experience in bringing this type of video coverage to your audience, colleagues and peers. from working with Westfield managing the world’s media at their Stratford City ¬†site during the 2012 Olympic Games to creating and curating the social media video content for the St Lucia Zouks in the inaugural Caribbean Premier League, PVM have been at the cutting edge of this exciting new way to get your message out . We ensure that all of the social media elements are working in harmony to provide your brand with the best possible coverage of your event.

We can tailor a newsroom to your needs, deliver the content to the end users via the web and create the all important social media buzz around the pictures and messages that will keep your event in the orbit of your target audience – while ensuring that we deliver targeted, on brand messages with every communication.

Call us and let us show you what PVM Content can do for your next event.

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