International Judo Federation

Through a process where the animators, the IJF and the production went through every throw, making sure that all of the essential parts of each throw were visible in the camera angle, the animations came together with a choreography that would have been many more days in production if traditional filmmaking techniques had been used.


Each animation went from a wireframe representation to a greyscale, fleshed out model and then through two separate fabric and texture builds to get to the final animations. The resulting films were then given a final technique check before we added the onscreen information, including the Japanese characters and english translations of the throw names and descriptions of the component parts.

The animations are all embedded in the app, to facilitate the use of the app as a teaching tool where you are offline. The animations all feature a scroller function that allows coaches and students to break each throw down frame by frame to see exactly how the result is achieved.


The throws are perfect representations of each move, as the Judoka that feature in the animations are multiple time champions of the European Kata form Judo competition. Each of the animated figures are exact size fits for the  actual Judoka thanks to a mix of the computer mapping and meticulous measurements taken on the day.


The updateable parts of the app, such as the news, rankings and galleries, are drawn down from the backend of the app on request when online, and the technique section animations are embedded in the app so as to be available offline. This approach makes the dynamic material available on a quickly renewable, as each section is updateable individually, while making the training material a constant.  This was done through a series of consultations with the federation where it was decided that the larger download size of the app would be advantageous as the training aspect of the app outweighed the information aspect in a ‘needed offline’ way, where there ay not be a connection to download the animation you want, and saved drawing down the same animation every time you wanted to study the same throw.


The app is available now in the Apple App Store.

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