The tone of is chatty while still getting the information out to the readers, information that sometimes  has a heavy medical side that needs to be translated into layman’s terms. This is one of the areas that Anna excels at – in fact the Irish Medical Writers Association created an award to acknowledge Anna’s work in this area, taking complicated medical conditions and procedures and making them accessible to the general public.


The site also features a lot of video content that ranges across all of the areas that the written part of the site covers. There are news bites that deal with what the newest trends are, fitness videos, cooking demonstrations and author interviews, all of which are made expressly for by PVM Content.


The site has been gaining traction and lots of attention, it is punching well above its weight for a site of its age, it is quickly becoming the go to site for women that are looking for expert advice from a wide range of sources.




Workout videos that are designed for the long term health and fitness of the enduser. That is what PVM Content supply to, the client’s brief.


Trainers Like ITV regular Jane Wake make original content with Healthista through PVM Content, content that fulfils the ‘Strong is the new skinny’ ethos of the site. Sustainable fitness is the aim for these videos, with an emphasis on keeping you fit rather than just short term goals.




Healthy eating – the Holy Grail – how to put in the fuel you need in the right combinations that also taste great.


We make videos with all sorts of cooking experts, from medicinal chefs like Dale Pinnock, Paleo experts like  Allii Godbold and thermogenics fan Rick Hay. For all over spicy goodness we also have a sees from C4 presenter Emma Grazette, form spicy limeades to perfectly spiced curries.

Author interview series. often gets authors through the studio doors and what better to do than to grill them in a series of films.


Some of these films are straight information films where the author expands on the ideas in the books and some of them are demonstrations of what the books are about, such as with David Gillespie, the author of  ‘The Sweet Poison Quit Plan’ where he shows us what sugars are hiding in everyday foods and how to substitute them with less sugary alternatives.


News Bites – With an ear to the ground is a fixture at health, fitness and well-being exhibitions around the country, collecting the stories that are breaking at the shows and often take months to hit the mainstream media.


We supply crews to for these events and editing facilities post the events to hone the films. There are often celebrities such as Olympic and Commonwealth games medalists such as Zoe Smith at these events and Healthista never misses a chance to speak to them and get the low down on what works for them.

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