Case Studies

PVM Content have had experience in many fields.

We invite you to look over the case studies below – a PVM Content provision of articles and video.

Anna Magee is the founder of as well as being a director of PVM Content. is one of the leading women’s health websites, and recently was included in the top ten worldwide women’s health sites in an article in Stella Magazine in The Sunday Telegraph.

With its mixture of health, fitness, food, exercise and wellbeing, Healthista really does cover all the bases. anna leads the editorial team, with her clear vision and understanding of the matters at hand. The three awards Anna has won in the health and medical areas of journalism have uniquely positioned her to lead this project, and the response has been extremely positive from all quarters.

International Judo Federation – This is Judo App

PVM Content director, Kevin Magee worked with the International Judo Federation on their new interactive mobile app ‘This is Judo’, taking it from the kernel of an idea to completion and release in the app store. This project was during Kevin’s time at Starfire TV in which he was a 50% partner. The app features many sections that are standard in sports federations apps, such as the rules, past and present heroes, current rankings, news, event galleries and video content.

The standout section of the app is the Techniques section which features 107 different Judo throws, encompassing all of the major groups and variations. These throws are animations created by using the 360º  motion capture technology used in feature film animation. The capture studio at Shepperton Studios was home while we shot the moves, the data was collated and  edited over the next week and passed on to our animators who reconstructed the Judoka in 3D space.

West Indies Cricket Board – Technical provision and logistics

Between 2011 and 2014 PVM Content director Kevin Magee was responsible for the provision of the technical infrastructure for the domestic and Women’s international television coverage for the WICB

This involved the procurement of a fifteen camera Fly-Away outside broadcast unit and all of the freight and logistics, from the importation from the UK to the ground movements on the various islands. Some of the tournaments involved island hops in the middle of the tournament  sometimes with only a two day window to break down one site and be ready to broadcast from the next. When you are moving seven tonnes of fragile equipment it can be a daunting task.

St Lucia Zouks – Social Media Video content provision

The St. Lucia Zouks are one of the founding franchises in the CPL T20 and Kevin Magee produced the video content for their social media in the inaugural season.

The  content was shot for the team as the tournament progressed, with great access to the team and management of the Zouks. The videos had over 20,000 views on the dedicated YouTube channel with many thousands more as the videos were aggregated on other YouTube channels – mostly in the sub-continent.

The franchise failed to find an owner in the second season and as a result the social media moved back under the umbrella coverage of the event.

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter integration with bespoke video content

Olympic media management and digital newsroom for Westfield Stratford City

Westfield Stratford City – Olympic Media Management and Digital  Newsroom.

Westfield Stratford City was a very important part of the 2012 London Olympics. The shopping precinct borders a large part of what is now Queen Elizabeth II Park, and was the home of the Olympics.

PVM Content director Kevin Magee, through Starfish Television*, an organisation he had a 50% stake in, was responsible for helping Westfield manage how they dealt with the thousands of un accredited media who descended on the area for the games.

Providing leadership and guidance on the filming policy that was to apply on Westfield property and land, mapping out areas for the world’s media to shoot in, both static locations  and  areas where shooting on the move was allowed and providing a connected workspace in which the media could come and edit their pieces, voice footage and just put their feet up in the middle of the centre while waiting for their next assignment to start.

*Starfire TV and Starfish Television are the same company with a name change.

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